Aragorn II Barahir Snake Ring

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Aragorn II Barahir Snake Ring

Snake Ring is a piece of jewelry that is made with a snake design. It is a unique and beautiful piece of jewelry for women. Buy it today!

Aragorn II, also known as Strider, is a pivotal character in J.R.R. Tolkien’s epic fantasy series, The Lord of the Rings. He is a descendant of the ancient kings of Men, and his lineage can be traced back to the kingdom of Numenor. Aragorn is a skilled warrior, a wise leader, and a true hero. He possesses many artifacts that represent his heritage and his destiny, but one of the most significant is the Barahir Snake Ring.

The Barahir Snake Ring is a powerful symbol of Aragorn’s identity and his destiny as a king. It was originally crafted by the Elf-lord Finrod Felagund as a gift for Barahir, a loyal warrior who saved his life during the First Age of Middle-earth. The ring is made of gold and features an intricate design of two serpents coiled around a green stone. The serpents symbolize wisdom and cunning, while the stone represents life and growth.

Barahir wore the ring throughout his life, and it was passed down through his family for generations. Eventually, it came into the possession of Aragorn’s father, Arathorn II, who gave it to his son before he died. Aragorn treasured the ring and wore it always, even when he was in disguise as Strider. The ring served as a reminder of his heritage and his duty to reclaim the throne of Gondor.

In The Lord of the Rings, the Barahir Snake Ring plays a significant role in Aragorn’s journey. It is a symbol of his right to rule and his connection to the ancient kings of Men. When Aragorn meets with the Dead Men of Dunharrow, he uses the ring to prove his identity and gain their allegiance. The Dead Men recognize the ring as a token of their oath to serve the heir of Isildur, and they join Aragorn’s cause.

Later, when Aragorn leads the armies of Men against the forces of Mordor, he wears the Barahir Snake Ring as a sign of his authority. The ring serves as a powerful symbol of hope and courage, inspiring the armies to fight on even in the face of great adversity. Aragorn’s enemies fear the ring and what it represents, knowing that it is a sign of the true king’s return.

In the end, Aragorn fulfills his destiny and becomes the king of Gondor. He wears the Barahir Snake Ring as a crown, a symbol of his power and his connection to the ancient history of Middle-earth. The ring is a reminder that even in the darkest of times, hope and courage can prevail, and that the true king will always rise to claim his rightful place.

Barahir Snake Ring is a crucial element of Aragorn’s story in The Lord of the Rings. It represents his heritage, his destiny, and his identity as a true hero and king. The ring is a powerful symbol of hope and courage, inspiring Aragorn and his allies to fight on even in the face of great adversity. It is a testament to the enduring power of true leadership and the importance of remembering one’s past in order to create a better future.





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14 reviews for Aragorn II Barahir Snake Ring

  1. I***n

    Very beautiful, I will buy another one is a little reduced by the details you handle

  2. J***z

    Just as I expected! A very nice ring!Order the exact size because it is wide and fits well. 10/10

  3. O***a

    It’s thicker and darker than the photo, but it looks solid, and nice terminations, the size is right. Recommended

  4. Customer

    Heavy ring, take the measure of the finger!

  5. N***r

    Excellent quality as always.

  6. A***w

    fast shipping. very detailed! even the little snake heads have gems in the eyes

  7. I***r

    looks just like pics

  8. A***s

    It arrived long before the estimate and is exactly what it looks like in the image

  9. Customer

    Pretty good quality, I got a little big but it was my fault.

  10. D***a

    Excellent! I recommend the product and store!

  11. M***c


  12. S***n


  13. A***s

    Item came exactly as described! Fast shipping from store. Bought on 23/12/22, arrived on 10/01/23. Very satisfied with the item. Thanks, recommended! (Note: The exposure in photos is not very good).

  14. P***z

    Very good, incredible details

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